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"Building a better community by taking a holistic
approach to address its critical needs"

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What Forgiven But Not Forgotten Foundation Is Designed To Do:

How Forgiven But Not Forgotten Foundation Would Like To Give Back:

Enrichment Retreats

At Forgiven But Not Forgotten Foundation, we would like to sponsor annual enrichment retreats that address the holistic needs of the individuals, mind, body and spirit, inclusive of health awareness sessions and programs.

Literacy Workshops

We provide motivation through professional counseling, and would like to sponsor workshops in self-defense, computer literacy, financial literacy, and job readiness (interviewing techniques; “dress for success” health, nutrition and wellness).

Motivational Events

We would like to host luncheons, seminars and motivational events that enrich the lives and lead to reduced poverty, violence and abuse, as well as reduced homelessness. Forgiven But Not Forgotten Foundation is an ultimate correlation to family and community enrichment as well as improved public safety.

Community Collaboration

We strongly feel that connecting a bridge between Forgiven But Not Forgotten Foundation (FBNFF) and communities will enhance our ability to fulfill the needed services of women and girls in low-income high crime communities. FBNFF will expand its reach through outreach, networking and collaborating with other organizations to strengthen our current programs and target and deliver other programs and services to those individuals and families in need. Through our advocacy we anticipate the increase of women and girls changing and transforming their lives for the better!

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