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We believe that education is the ultimate prerequisite of success. As programs are made available to give individuals access to education and we witness transformation in the lives of our participants.

Literacy is Life
Literacy Is Life Education Program

Working one- on- one or group sessions, we teach literacy to women and girls ranging from age 5-15 in the areas of reading and writing. Our goal is to make the learning experience fun and easy. We don’t just teach We Learn! As we share the knowledge that we have, we remain transparent as we share examples of how we’ve made blunders while writing papers or during public speaking. This allows our participants to not only engage with us more, but also relate to us. By letting them know that we all have stepping-stones and that we are all human and learning daily increases participation numbers as well the enthusiasm to learn.

Job Readiness
Job Readiness

Our targeted population has a history of no or low employment opportunities and the resources needed to help them with job readiness skills. We patiently walk our participants through our job readiness program to increase their chances of finding employment. Through our assessment tool, we network with employment agencies and work to provide a listing of suitable employers for the women when they feel secure enough to seek out employment.

Resume To Revenue
Résumé to Revenue Job Readiness Program
(Age 15 and up)

We believe that education is the ultimate prerequisite of success. As programs are made available to give individuals access to education and we witness transformation in the lives of our participants.

Mentoring, Life Coaching
Mentoring, Life Coaching and Domestic Violence Counseling

We work to empower our participants by providing programs that raise self-awareness and self-esteem of individuals. We lead by example and hope that our participants will work to assimilate our behavior as they navigate through their individual processes for healing, hope and restoration. As we unite and elevate one another, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

Care and Connect Mentoring
Care and Connect Mentoring, Life Coaching and Domestic Violence Counseling Program

We provide mentoring and life coaching to our program participants and understand our limitations and we refer those in need of counseling services to our partnered and/or affiliated agencies.

Mentoring (Youth Ages 10-17)
(Youth Ages 10-17)

Mentoring is usually short term 3 to 6 months (may be provided long-term depending on the wiliness of the mentor and mentee). We provide emotional support, role modeling, action steps to overcome difficult actions and goal setting strategies.

Life Coaching
Life Coaching
(Young adults ages 17 and up)

We focus on talk therapy, overcoming obstacles and making changes as needed, identifying core values and passions, organizational strategies, and goal setting.

Domestic Violence Counseling
Domestic Violence Counseling
(Youth age 12 and up) *

We focus on helping our participants recognize domestic violence and the causes; how to prevent and avoid domestic violence; the methods and process for healing; the effect of domestic violence; how to retreat; and how to be empowered and help others.
*Please note that counseling is offered and provided on an appointment basis.

Food and Clothing
Food & Clothing

The overall growth and well-being of families in general is accomplished when access to resources is prompted. Individuals feel better about themselves when we don’t just say we care, but show we care by giving back resources such as healthy food and clothing to those in need.

Eat and Greet Food Program
Eat and Greet Food Program
with quarterly Clothing Give-Aways

Where we deliver bags of groceries monthly to our participants. Our deliveries include wheat bread, fruit, vegetables, 100% juice, water, eggs, cheese, etc. Throughout the year, quarterly we provide to participants new or gently used clothing.

Community Support
Community Support

Forgiven But Not Forgotten Foundation trains and hires former domestically abused victims to advocate and mentor others. These women either volunteer or become employees of our organization. We know that these women are not only the faces of our organization but are also our voice.

If our participants are looking to find jobs elsewhere we outsource to temp agencies and/or affiliate companies that can match each individuals skill set and experience.

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To sustain the efforts of the organization as well as specific projects, Forgiven But Not Forgotten Foundation continues to seek financial support from various organizations and foundations: Public, private, faith based organizations, and government support.

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